In Our Clients Own Words...

"cultivate+ have been a vital resource for our start-up. They are literally a one-stop shop in terms of their abilities to help form strategic partnerships with top vendors, cultivate exclusive relationships with symbiotic partners, engineer marketing and branding platforms, and logo creation. They are tireless crusaders for our brand and is the team you want to have in your corner. cultivate+ is the personification of the startup guru. they will streamline the process for your company and help you sleep better at night."
~ Eva Shure
Founder and CEO of Red Carpet Kids

"cultivate+ is absolutely relentless in their pursuit of customer service and truly an invaluable asset. The cultivate+ team understood my demanding schedule and was accommodating to make sure we got everything done quickly and efficiently. My business has significantly benefited from their endless pursuit of perfection."
~ Eugene Litvak
Founder and CEO of The Litvak Team @ COMPASS

"cultivate+'s marketing expertise is more informative than any book I've read, class I've taken or advice I've been given (even from an uber-successful global marketing executive!). Their pulse on what is going on in highly competitive NYC was an eye-opener. I am a disciple and waiting for more content and insight."
~ Troy Buscemi
Founder and CEO of Boston Appraisal

"cultivate+ has the ability to deliver concise, actionable steps to real estate marketing. Their approach is fresh and their experience with heavy-hitter firms from NYC is invaluable."
~ Ann Cohen
The Ann Cohen Team, Keller Williams Realty Boston-Metro

"cultivate+ are creative thinkers, yet strategic and results oriented. They find new ways to reach target audiences, and create a powerful systems of collaboration on key marketing initiatives. cultivate+ does not just settle for the status quo, they care about their work and their clients. If you are looking for a dynamic team with vision and inherent creativity, cultivate+ delivers!"
~ Angela Yosten
Marketing Lead at COMPASS, Aspen

“Deborah balances the expertise of a seasoned producer with the vision of a creative. She makes things happen plus she brings to the table smart ideas to make things bigger and better. Somehow Deborah’s "can-do" attitude managed to survive the onslaught of impossible deadlines, last minute reboots, and budget constraints thrown her way on a regular basis. Deborah was crucial to one of the first QR coded newspaper ads back when it was newfangled technology. I've worked with Deborah to figure out how to organize skywriters, print on abandoned buildings, and develop animated billboards. And some damn good print ads to top it off, on time and on budget."
~ Corey Lane
Account Supervisor at The Martin Agency

"cultivate+ was instrumental in the start up for LAQA & Co - not only sourcing suppliers, but finding solutions to packaging problems. They continue to be a problem solver, always think outside the box for any kind of need be it a pop up store or how to handle cross country production. Deborah’s and the team at cultivate+ enthusiasm never wanes, and they are a valuable part of our team!"
~ Georgina Hofmann
Founder and Creative Director of LAQA & Co.

“I have always been impressed by Deborah’s tenacity. Deborah and cultivate+ have the innate ability to take on any task, and turn obstacles into opportunities. Their "can do" attitude is contagious, and I've never seen them shy away from a challenge. Deborah’s willingness to try new things is equally inspiring. This is not only a testament to her achievements, but her character as well. I hope to work with cultivate+ again very soon, on any endeavor they have in store.”
~ Jenny Ostroff
Specification Representative and Graphic Design Artist

“Meeting Deborah and collaborating with cultivate+ has exponentially enhanced the trajectory of my professional development, and elevated my quality of life in the pursuit of my creative endeavors. Their relationships with their clients is heartfelt, genuine, and inspiring. cultivate+ has a way of motivating and connecting in a way that is positively soul lifting, and tailor‐made to suit our needs. I am unbelievably fortunate to have met Deborah, and am ecstatic to have cultivate+ as part of my team!”
~ Lauren Renner
Founder of Lauren Renner Photography